railabstudioRailab helps with railway track designing and also has many versatile civil engineering tools. This application can also be useful for checking of designs and as additional tool at any construction site.

Some tools of the application:
- full kinematical and geometrical analysis of circular curve,
- automatical analysis of the whole route,
- clearance analysis,
- calculating of turnouts on curved track,
- designing of non-linear cant transitions and non-typical alignment transitions,
- calculating of the strenghtening of formation,
- reports of calculations.

railabstudioClearance Analysis is an extension to Railab for running passing and clearance analysis for railway tracks. It allows to measure distance between to trains and between train and structure. One of many functions of the program is automatic clearance checking for the whole route.

railabstudioTrack Geometry Analysis is an extension to Railab for the analysis of geometric and kinematic parameters of a railway track. It estimates if design is correct and thanks to graphs, every mistake is easy to spot and elimanate.

railabstudioTangential Turnout is an extension to Railab for turnout analisys and generation of complete field layout drawings in MicroStation. Program can apply similar and contra-flexure curvature and create a full turnout report.

railabstudioXSection Modeller is an extension to Railab closely cooperating with MicroStation. Its main purpose is to generate cross sections on the basis of survey data (e.g. from levelling). This is excellent tool for creating cross sections of roads, railways or any other terrain line. The table and its labels can be automatically generated. Program allows to create sections by accessing to MX genio model file.

railwaycurveRailway Curve is an iPhone/iPad calculator application dedicated to all railway engineers, lecturers, students and rail transport fans. It calculate all geometrical and kinematical parameters of a railway curve of any radius, cant and speed.

raillibraryRail Library is an iPhone/iPad application dedicated to all railway engineers, lecturers, students and rail transport fans. It gives access to details of more than 140 rails used all over the world.



    e-mail: railabstudio@op.pl